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Helios Energy is a solar energy company with a focus on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts, with additional investment into solar power installations operating on a feed-in tariff (FIT) basis in Thailand. Our goal is to contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable world. We recognize solar energy production as a key component of realizing this world. Helios energy places considerable focus on the client experience, ensuring a tailored approach. This is combined with state-of-the art PV technology. Since formation in 2019, over 700 MW of installations have been agreed, a sign of how quickly Helios energy is becoming recognized as a global leader in renewable energy production.


We have the expertise to solve complex engineering and associated regulatory issues that often accompany solar power installation projects. This includes a robust survey of the site’s physical geography, mathematical modelling to maximise solar irradiation, and bespoke mounting design with consideration towards the local environment. Our engineering team works closely with our clients to ensure we meet their requirements for both stable and sustainable power generation. Please see our contact page to request further information.


Helios Energy has deep and wide reach in the solar manufacturing sector in both China and Thailand. We manufacture our own branded panels, the Phaeton series, as well as partnering with other companies to deliver a comprehensive set of solar power solutions to meet the dynamic market demands of the industry. We offer a wide range of panel and inverter options, along with battery and solar pump products to meet any client needs. Please see our contact page to request further information.


Helios Energy have established a construction partnership with Lian Beng Group of Singapore. Established in 1973, they have over 45 years in large-scale and complex construction projects and are the perfect match for Helios Energy’s photovoltaic contracts. Leveraging their capabilities and track record, with our strong focus on quality, we deliver projects across a wide spectrum of complexity and scale, and spanning the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Maintaining site safety and minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment is our number one priority. We embrace emerging technologies as a continued effort to raise productivity and efficiency. Please see our contact page to request further information.


We are presently operating a 796 KW rooftop solar facility in the Chacheongsao province, which began generating positive cashflow within 2 months of contract award. Our facility has served as an “optimization lab” to maximize operational efficiency and expertise, and we bring these accumulated learnings to bear in serving as an operations partner for offtakers. Please see our contact page to request further information.


Helios Energy has an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with the Government of Uzbekistan in Namangan for a 40MW solar power installation. This project is currently in progress with a target completion date of Q4 2020. We also have an EPC contract in Sirdarya for 110MW solar power installation. The target completion date for this project is Q2 2023.

Helios energy has two fixed rate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) from the Energy Generation Authority of Thailand. 
One in Suphanburi for up to 260mw that expires in 2044 and another in Chacheongsao for up to 330MW that expires in 2041.


Helios Energy is presently offering investment in order to more quickly expand and realize our vision of a global sustainable energy future. We appreciate your partnership in realizing this vision whilst delivering excellent returns on your investment in this stable and essential sector.

Please see our Contact page to request further information and a copy of our prospectus.


Since the industrial revolution, humans have released a catastrophic amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. This transitioned us out of the Holocene and into the Anthropocene, a period where planetary boundaries are at their limits and irreversible climatic change threatens. At Helios Energy, we recognize climate collapse is humanity’s greatest challenge. By providing electricity from our solar farms, at a cost cheaper than fossil fuels, we welcome partners who want to stand alongside us to protect our beautiful, fragile planet for our children, and all of life.

Furat Al-Murani 
Chief Business Development Officer

Jeremy Tan – Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Fornes – Chief Strategist

Please direct all Services & Investment enquiries to Furat

9/12 Moo 13, Lum Luk Ka, Pathum Thani, 12150 Thailand

Registration Number: 1305562000002

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